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Ours Is Not a Caravan of Despair: Finding Hope

Dr. Elizabeth Sherlock has watched many family members suffer with ME/CFS throughout the past several decades. In this moving and poetical presentation, she shares what she and her family learned through these experiences and gives ideas on how to find your true self.

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Nutrition: How Food Choices Impact How You Feel

The Whole Sisters (Nan Jensen and Nicole Bangerter) shared their journey with chronic illnesses at the September education meeting. View this presentation to learn about how food choices can affect symptoms. Visit their website for ideas on healthy food choices. Nan and Nicole discuss the importance of organic choices, the “dirty dozen” and the “clean fifteen”. They share tactics to develop self awareness and guidelines for reducing symptom presentation including recipe ideas.

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Exploding Myths of Chronic Illness in Family Life

exploding myths

Presented by Heather Jarman When serious illness is diagnosed in a young person, parents are often the first people called upon to be medical caregivers for their child. Few parents are adequately prepared for the enormity of the challenges associated with such a massive life change, regardless of a child’s age. Part of making the…

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