BHC provides expert consultation and experienced clinical care providing patients with a differential diagnosis and health management plan. On this page, BHC delivers patient resources, care options, and other patient-centered offerings.

Established BHC Patients


BHC recently transfered to a new electronic health record (EHR) system. You will no longer be able to access your patient portal through DirectMD. 

When you schedule your next appointment, BHC will email you the link to sign into your new Athena Patient Portal.  

This section is intended for established BHC patients only.

For information on how to become a patient or schedule a virtual consult see the prospective patient section below.

  • Access Patient Information – access your patient information in the Athena Patient Portal to request Rx refills, view your visit notes, and much more.

  • Manage Financial Account – for billing and insurance questions email [email protected].

Personal Patient Portal

BHC utilizes the Athena Patient Portal, a Web-based portal, that creates your private interface with BHC’s electronic health record (Athena).  Athena and its patient portal enables BHC to develop a flexible health record catered to patients with ME/CFS and FM.

What you need to know:

  • The electronic health record system and its patient portal are HIPAA compliant.
  • Eligible participants receive an authorization email from BHC to access the Athena Patient Portal the first time.
  • Remember your password.  Please do not share it with anyone.
  • Bookmark the page in your browser for quick access. Enter your password.
  • Your clinical care team will provide you with a patient email for general communication with your provider.
  • Billing and insurance questions – email [email protected].

Please access and review your own clinic records regularly to update:

  • Medications
  • New diagnoses
  • Complete pre-visit questionnaires
  • Download PDF documents relevant to your care

For other assistance, please contact BHC at [email protected]

Special Advisory During COVID-19

BHC has implemented best practice policy guidelines which will be discussed with you during appointment scheduling.

As part of the check-in process you will be required to complete an attestation and waiver document prior to your in-person visit.

Prospective Patients

 BHC is accepting new patient applications for people experiencing Long COVID. See application criteria below. 
ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and OI patient applications are temporarily on hold as we work through those submitted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Check back periodically for updates. 

COVID-19 has changed our world and at least 10% of the infected population will experience long term effects. This post-COVID illness is called Long COVID, Post-COVID, or Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC). Many Long COVID patients have similar symptoms to ME/CFS and FM patients, and because of BHC’s expertise in diagnoses and management of ME/CFS and FM, we do our part to stem the long-term effects of the pandemic by evaluating and treating a limited number of Long COVID patients. If you want to be evaluated for Long COVID and meet the following five criteria, please click on the link below to review our Terms of Service and complete the questionnaires.

1. Able to travel to and from Salt Lake City, Utah, for routine care

2. Between 16-70 years of age

3. Body mass index (BMI) of <40

4. Free of pre-existing significant chronic medical and psychiatric conditions

5. Persistent illness for at least 3 months or more since acute COVID-19

6. Agree to the patient terms of service

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in being seen at BHC, click here to be directed to the application portal.


Establish Patient Care

BHC is a medical specialty clinic that provides patients with a differential diagnosis and health management plan.

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Terms of Engagement

  • Acceptance
    • Complete an application to be considered for enrollment.
    • Applications undergo a BHC medical review to determine acceptance.
    • Accepted enrollments will be scheduled as soon as can be mutually accommodated.
    • Accepted as a patient does not guarantee participation in BHC research trials.
    • If approved, all other conditions for enrollment must be met.
    • If applicant is not accepted as a patient, BHC has other resources available here.
    • Complete and sign the BHC Terms of Engagement document.
  • Conditions
    • Continue to comply with the BHC Terms of Engagement.
    • Keep BHC financial accounts current.
    • Maintain primary care provider relationship (not BHC).
    • Continue to comply with BHC’s opioid policy, e.g. BHC will not take over management of chronic daily opioids.’
  • Financial
    • Enrolled patients are required to pay an annual membership fee. 
    • Fees cover comprehensive exams and benefits not covered by insurance. 
    • Insurance is billed as normal for applicable contracted services.
    • Patients are responsible for normal co-pays and deductibles.
    • Non-insured patients will be billed for insurance portion in addition to the membership fees.
    • Limited financial assistance may be available for patients who qualify.
    • Financial policy is detailed here.

BHC Prospective Patient Application is currently closed. 

Virtual Consults

BHC offers a consultative relationship for individuals where traditional patient enrollment is not desired or required.

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  • May serve to accommodate individuals with special considerations including distant geographic locations with limited ability or desire to travel. 
  • May also serve patients with established healthcare relationships who would like BHC’s perspective, counsel, or advice.
  • May assist patients and their providers navigating these illnesses and offer insights for a new or existing plan of care.

Terms of Engagement

  • Consults are individual events and each session stands on its own. There is no limit to the number of consults that can be requested as each one is booked and paid separately. 
  • BHC providers do not assume responsibility for the medical care of the consult patient nor prescribe medications in their behalf.
  • Are conducted only via telehealth conferences with secure Zoom and HIPAA compliant technology.
  • BHC virtual consults are billed in advance on a cash-only basis per half-hour of telehealth conference. BHC does not accept insurance for these consults but will provide documentation if requested for consult patients for their records and reimbursement channels.
  • Virtual consult patients are not considered BHC enrolled patients or BHC research participants (although they may apply for either at a future time).
  • BHC consult patients and their providers have access to BHC’s full resource library detailed here.
  • Complete and sign the BHC Consult Terms of Engagement document.


BHC Virtual Consult Application is currently closed.

How to Contact BHC

Please direct all general inquiries and requests to:


For Healthcare Providers

BHC has limited capactiy and welcomes provider collaboration in delivering needed clinical services. 

Please contact BHC through the appropriate channel for expedited response time.

  • Provider Referral Letter – if you are considering referring a patient to BHC, please review guidance detailed here.
  • Provider to Provider Consults – to schedule a conversation regarding a mutual patient or general medical questions, please send request by email to [email protected] with your contact information and the purpose of your communication.
  • Provider and Patient Resources – BHC maintains comprehensive resources on its website available to the public with specific emphasis on patient care and self-management, care partner support, and healthcare provider resources.
    • Patient resources here.
    • Provider resources here.

Additional BHC Offerings

Outreach and Support

BHC maintains comprehensive resources on its website, available to the public, with specific emphasis on patient care and self-management, care partner support, and healthcare provider resources. Detailed here.

Additional events and outreach include:

  • Monthly virtual support groups open to the public. Detailed here.
  • Periodic virtual events exclusive for enrolled patients. Detailed here.
  • Live and recorded events for healthcare providers ranging from introduction of basic concepts to comprehensive programs, some of which offer CME credits. Detailed here.
  • Monthly newsletter and topical updates.
  • Active social media presence on Facebook, etc.

Research Participation

BHC engages in research projects as sponsor, partner, or subcontractor. BHC drives innovative, emerging research pathways to define the core signs, symptoms, and decrements in specific functioning.

  • BHC patients may be considered for research participation with eligibility determined by the profile and protocol requirements of each study.
  • Non-BHC enrolled patients may also be considered for research participation determined by the profile and protocol requirements of each study.
  • While not guaranteed, BHC patient participants will receive priority consideration over interested non-BHC patient participants.

See which studies are currently enrolling.