Clinical Care

The Bateman Horne Center, a center of excellence, is leading the way in the medical advancement and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM) through integrated medical research and clinical care.

BHC is the only clinic in Salt Lake City and one of the few in the world that provides specialized clinical care for ME/CFS and FM. Only able to treat 10-20% of the people who call for an appointment, many of whom travel great distances, we are actively working to increase our capacity as we continue to engage in activities that will educate healthcare providers. Our goal is to positively impact the quality of care for all those with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, regardless of their location. 

Hard Copy Education:  After a patient’s evaluation in the clinic, a formal and lengthy document is sent to the primary care provider (PCP) and any other requested clinicians. It delineates the patient’s symptoms, function, onset history; includes an academic explanation of how they meet ME/CFS and/or FM criteria; and offers treatment strategies.

CME:  BHC has held Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences on the subject of ME/CFS and FM since 2003. Typically 6-10 hours of credit and attended by approximately 150 medical professionals. We have intentionally used a different major, local CME provider each year to add credibility and broaden our reach.

  • Dr. Bateman helped produce two CDC CME programs in 2012, one on sleep in CFS and one on diagnosis and management of CFS.
  • She played a key role in the two Medscape CME courses for physicians, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Challenges in Primary Care (2012) and the CDC’s CFS Public Awareness Campaign launched in 2006.
  • Dr. Bateman frequently lectures at the IACFSME scientific and clinical conference (every two years) on topics related to treatment.

Education of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners:  Dr. Bateman teaches a 2 hour lecture in the Utah Physician Assistant curriculum on ME/CFS and FM, and writes test questions to be included on the final exams.  This intense educational effort has been provided for more than 200 PA’s in training. She has also provided update lectures at yearly Physician Assistants (PA) CME conferences, which reach hundreds of PAs in practice.

Patty Jeys, BHC PA-C, has donated her time to speak at yearly PA CME conferences and also teaches a 2 hour lecture on CFS/FM in the Nurse Practitioner curriculum at the University of Utah.  This effort has reached hundreds of NPs going out into practice.

Learning opportunities in the clinic:  Our door is always open to clinician observers. Read more about our learning opportunities HERE

  • We have had PAs, nursing and pre-medical students, medical residents, and even physicians, sit in on patient visits.
  • We often invite selected providers to lunch with our entire staff and share experiences about patient care—sleep specialist, psychiatrist, physical rehab, pain specialist, etc. They go away with new insights.
  • BHC offers medical student internships on both the medical and research side of the clinic. Dr. Bateman frequently speaks to pre-medical students at a nearby university, and she routinely offers students time in the clinic to work on a variety of research projects, sit in on patient visits, and learn how to take a detailed patient history.

IOM Report on clinical diagnostic criteria: Dr. Bateman sat on the IOM Committee for Diagnositic Criteria for ME/CFS. Read more about this effort HERE.

  • “I saw this as an opportunity to influence the future.  It was a forum to share my clinical experience with other diagnosticians, especially important until we have developed objective biomarkers of disease that are available to clinical diagnosis.  I felt a responsibility to be sure the voice of the patient regarding access to primary care medicine was heard.” Dr. Bateman

Publications in the medical literature:  Published medical literature is the only way to reach/teach an academic medical community entrenched in the principle of “evidence based medicine.”   Although it is not routine or easy for primary care clinicians to publish in major scientific journals, Dr. Bateman made a commitment to partnering with others in the field—scientists and clinicians—in order to build the scientific literature.

  • The BHC research ready patient army has contributed to papers on XRMV, exercise induced gene expression changes,  cardiopulmonary exercise testing, the long term follow up of almost 1,000 patients. Additionally, the Chronic Fatigue Initiative pathogen discovery study and the CDC multisite study will continue to result in numerous descriptive high quality academic papers.

Expert Consensus Documents to help clinicians diagnose and treat ME/CFS:   Dr. Bateman was a contributing author on both the IACFSME Primer and the ICC Primer designed to assist clinicians. These documents are freely available to interested clinicians and can be accessed via our online Patient Library.