BHC provides informed educational resources and programming to improve understanding and assist with self-management. On these pages, BHC delivers specific disease content, resources for managing your care, and an extensive video library.


Diagnostic Criteria
Children and Adolescents
Research for/about ME/CFS


Education & Management
Evidence-Based Literature on FM


Patient Resources
Provider Resources
Support Resources 

ME/CFS Crash Survival Guidebook

Crash Guidebook
Health Information Sheets
Medication Sheets
Communication Cards 

Top Resources

Healthcare Provider Letter
U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Guidelines
Influenza and Fibromyalgia FAQs
COVID-19 Medical Considerations

Managing Your Care

Communication Assets
Health Assessment Worksheet
NASA Lean Test Instructions
Overcoming Barriers 

Video Library

BHC Education
Provider Education
Living with a Chronic Illness


Care Considerations 
Booster Shots
Guidance & Decision Making

Video Playlist

In this 6-part series, Dr. Lucinda Bateman takes viewers through the diagnostic workup and management of the most common symptoms associated with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and related conditions. 

Recent Posts for Patient Education

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