BHC provides informed educational resources and programming to improve understanding and assist with self-management. On these pages, BHC delivers specific disease content, resources for managing your care, and an extensive video library.


Diagnostic Criteria
Children and Adolescents
Research for/about ME/CFS


Education & Management
Evidence-Based Literature on FM

Top Resources

Healthcare Provider Letter
U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Guidelines
Influenza and Fibromyalgia FAQs
COVID-19 Medical Considerations

Managing Your Care

Communication Assets
Health Assessment Worksheet
NASA Lean Test Instructions
Overcoming Barriers to Access & Care

Video Library

BHC Education
Provider Education
Living with a Chronic Illness

Video Playlist

In this 6-part series, Dr. Lucinda Bateman takes viewers through the diagnostic workup and management of the most common symptoms associated with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and related conditions. 

Recent Posts for Patient Education

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Gifts of the Season

Holiday seasons bring time to pause, remember gratitude and give a variety of gifts, not only to loved ones but also to those in need.  One gift I’m very thankful for has been the devotion, compassion, and expertise of Patty Jeys PA-C, a seasoned ME/CFS and FM clinician who recently retired from BHC. Having Patty […]

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