Raising Awareness for ME/CFS in Petaluma, California

by | Oct 30, 2019 | BHC News, ME/CFS

Dr. Bateman traveled to Petaluma, California for a ME/CFS benefit concert on October 5, 2019. This benefit concert featuring singer-songwriter, Marian Call, was designed to entertain, inform, and raise awareness for this debilitating disease. Marian Call’s sound is clever and unique, by turns humorous and heartbreaking; the perfect fit for an audience comprised of those in the ME/CFS community. The result is an eclectic, warm repertoire bound together by powerful songwriting and personality.

More importantly, this event marked a collaboration between three primary ME/CFS nonprofit organizations. Brief talks were given by Dr. Bateman, Emily Taylor of Solve ME/CFS, and Linda Tannenbaum of Open Medicine Foundation.

The team at Bateman Horne Center was eager to discuss our mutual goals and find new ways to collaborate with each other for the benefit of ME/CFS patients everywhere. For many, it was thrilling simply to see “ME/CFS” on the marquee at the historic Mystic Theater in this well-known Sonoma County town.

Dr. Bateman gave a talk entitled, Why ME? Why Now? Watch a short video of this brief presentation below.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhtBWZzIEew[/embedyt]


Why ME? Why Now? Part 2 
Dr. Bateman shares the turning points in recent years that have led to this pivotal moment.

Why ME? Why Now? Part 3
Dr. Bateman discusses the integral steps that have contributed to this moment in time. The NIH has funded collaborative research centers but that alone is not enough. Scientific research has established clear evidence to support a dramatic step forward.

Why ME? Why Now? Part 4
Dr. Bateman addresses the ignorance and arrogance that leads to a lack of access to informed clinical care for patients everywhere. She shares her hopefulness that momentum is building for real change.

This concert and collaborative opportunity was produced and sponsored by an anonymous donor with a close connection to ME/CFS. Our team would like to thank them for making this event and subsequent collaborations possible. Together, we can create meaningful and significant change for all those impacted by ME/CFS.

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