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We are improving access to informed health care for individuals with ME/CFS, Long COVID, and fibromyalgia by translating our clinical expertise into medical education and research initiatives.

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We are improving access to informed health care for individuals with ME/CFS, Long COVID, and fibromyalgia by translating our clinical expertise into medical education and research initiatives.

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Diagnose and care for patients with multi-symptom Chronic Complex Diseases (msCCD)

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PEM Video Series

This seven-part video series is a comprehensive deep-dive into post-exertional malaise/post-exertional symptom exacerbation (PEM/PESE). Providers will walk away with an understanding of the pathophysiology, common triggers, and gain insights into care management.

Occupational & Physical Therapy for PEM/PESE

Rehabilitation professionals profoundly impact the quality of life and functional independence in patients with post-exertional malaise (PEM)/post-exertional symptom exacerbation (PESE).

Click here for short videos, resources, and handouts for patients and rehabilitation professionals.


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ME/CFS Inpatient Study Findings – BHC’s Statement

Since the recent release of the NIH intramural publication detailing findings from the ME/CFS Inpatient Study, there has been a whirlwind of impassioned commentary. While we harbor mixed sentiments about the paper, we've committed professionally to maintaining an open...

How to Be a Demanding Diplomat as a Severe ME/CFS Caregiver

Galen Warden is the mother of an adult son with severe ME/CFS. Bateman Horne Center partnered with her to provide essential guidance on caring and advocating for individuals with ME/CFS. This blog post includes: Galen's video presentation Galen's presentation slides...

Jennifer Bell, APRN, FNB-BC, Medical Practitioner

"Over the last 28 years, I have mostly worked in rural primary care settings in Maine and Hawaii. I never would have thought that my rural health care experience would be a perfect training ground for managing post-infectious fatigue syndromes. Rural medicine taught...

Long COVID Treatment Trial 

This past summer, we completed an open-label, proof of concept trial using a combination of valacyclovir, the generic form of Valtrex, and celecoxib, the generic form of Celebrex to see if it improved symptoms in women sick with Long COVID. The combination of these...

A Year of Successful Medical Education

Today we are marking the successful first year of the Medical Education Resource Center (MERC) at BHC, supported by Open Medicine Foundation with a message from our Education Director, Tahlia Ruschioni. I am often asked when we will know that our medical education has...

Leaky Gut, Suppressed Immune Response, & PEM

I met Armin Alaedini in 2008 at a meeting in San Francisco that was about solutions for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases through cutting edge science. I was fascinated by his presentation on immunological findings in post-treatment Lyme disease and I approached him...

You & M.E.

You & M.E. Grief that remains a forever process. Revolving door, repetitious. The body I once took for granted. The endless energy I once had. Nothing good comes from resentment. Evaluating the symptoms present. They come and go, multisystem involvement. I feel...

Caregiver Guidance

Appendix 2: When someone you care about experiences a crash, it can be scary and leave you feeling helpless. This resource aims to equip you with knowledge and insights from caregiver-to-caregiver on ways to support and alleviate the suffering of the person experiencing the crash (referenced below as the patient).

Crash Care Kit Essentials

Chapter 11: While living with ME/CFS, it is vital to learn the art of preventing and minimizing PEM and a subsequent crash. While not in a crash state, familiarize yourself with resources that can assist you in conserving energy and apply these following concepts to your everyday life.

Brain Fog in ME/CFS and Long COVID

This week our paper about possible causes of brain fog in ME/CFS and Long COVID was published in Frontiers of Neuroscience. This study included a large group of ME/CFS patients, Long COVID patients, and matched healthy controls. We hypothesized that cognitive...


Research Published in Frontiers in Neuroscience

BHC, University of Utah, and Jackson Laboratory studied whether changes in blood flow while upright were linked to cognitive impairment in ME/CFS and Long COVID. Suzanne Vernon, PhD breaks down the findings here.

Access the manuscript here.

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