Quiet the Nervous System Hypersensitivity of Fibromyalgia

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Fibromyalgia, Patient Education

nervous system hypersensitivity
N. Lee Smith, MD

N. Lee Smith, MD

Presented by N. Lee Smith, MD

Dr. Smith received his medical degree (M.D.) from the University of California, San Francisco and later developed a subspecialty in Behavioral Medicine. This field explores the mind-body interface: finding effective ways of diagnosing complex medical problems and treating stress-related physical illness.  His interests in central nervous system effects on complex medical problems led to establishing The Center for Interdisciplinary Medicine at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, and later extending the Stress Medicine Program to the Omega Pain Clinic in Salt Lake City. He continues research at Lifetree Clinical Research there. Dr. Smith founded the  Stress Medicine Clinic at the University of Utah.

His experience led him to realize for most people the importance of spiritual issues to their health and, for those interested, he has explored ways to effectively address these issues clinically. He has chaired several national education programs and curriculum committees on the effects of depression, anxiety and stress on medical illness.

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