BHC Education Director, Tahlia Ruschioni presents our latest patient asses, Good Day Bad Day Questionnaire, at the May 11th Messages of Hope awareness event. The following is a transcript of her presentation.

Tahlia Ruschioni: So I think it goes without saying that one of the most challenging aspects of living with chronic illness ME/CFS, fibro, and long COVID, in particular, are that it’s really hard to quantify the impairment and impact that the disease has on you. Dr. Bateman has for years used the form that we’re about to release with her patients as a part of the [patient appointment] intake we call it a Good Day Bad Day Questionnaire and the idea behind it is to help the patient think about the hours of upright activity that they encounter in a day. On both a good, and when we say good, we mean better because with chronic illness there’s never a good or a great day but you might have a better day or a more functional day versus that of a bad day or a worsened illness day.

So when you look at the handout that we’ve created it’s going to break it down into thinking of the time with feet spent on the floor that includes sitting with feet spent on the floor standing and walking as opposed to time with your legs elevated or being supine and then that also takes you through the thought process of activities that you’re able to do on a good day in activities that you are still unable to do even on a good day and then the reverse of that is what can you still do even on a bad day and what can you absolutely not do and by that we mean everything from activities of daily living to cognitive processing physical activity anything like that and the idea is that this helps you kind of frame for your provider when you take this to them what you go through it’s it’s a very nice screenshot of what you experience.

I am showing you our website because I want to show you where it’s at. As Angela had mentioned here’s where the ME/CFS guidebook is you can also find the guidebook and this resource in our education section. I put everything that I really like in our top resources. It’s also in management and a couple of other spots on the website but so I don’t confuse you we’re just going to go to top resources and then down here under helpful patient resources we have the Good/Bad Day Questionnaire and we’ve made this where you can just download it and then when you download it you can just type right in it and then print that off and bring it to your provider. It’s also a nice way to kind of catalog even as you’re going through maybe a care plan with your provider. Are things working? Are you getting better? Even on a good day with interventions where are you at? Again this really just takes you through hours of upright activity and tasks that you are able to complete and not able to complete on both a better illness or a worsened illness day so this is available to you guys. I’m going to put this direct link in the chatbox now so you have access to it but again it’s on our website under top resources, education top resources, or education management. I also have this peppered throughout the provider pages too.

Download the Good Day Bad Day Questionnaire.

Click here to watch the video presentation of this asset.

Click here to watch the Messages of Hope Awareness Event in full.

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