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by | Feb 27, 2017 | BHC News, Current BHC Patient News, Patient Voice

“Listening is being able to be changed by the other person.” –Alan Alda

In 2015, the Fatigue Consultation Clinic (FCC) and the Organization for Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Education & Research (OFFER) came together to form the Bateman Horne Center (BHC). We envisioned a world where patients with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia are readily diagnosed, effectively treated, and widely met with empathy and understanding. In the last year and a half BHC has made great strides, and yet we know there is far more to be done.

From the day Dr. Bateman opened the doors of her first private practice, she focused on truly listening to patients, hearing what they need and doing all she can to deliver first-class and compassionate care. BHC is committed to making first-class care the standard for all those experiencing ME/CFS and FM. We know we can’t get there without you, so we want to hear from you!

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“Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.” –Karl A. Menniger