Today’s Crash (Day 1139): “Owed” to Long Covid ME/CFS

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Patient Voice

Today’s Crash (Day 1139): “Owed” to Long Covid ME/CFS


Upon awaking– body gently spinning, vibrating,

Breathing shallow, heart racing,

Limbs so heavy, thoughts so slow

Another day gone before you know


Calm acceptance, mixed with grief,

Fighting offers no relief.

Migraine sparking, light will sear,

Reaching for water and food kept near.

Eyes tight shut against the sun,

Another day lost before it’s begun


Trapped in the dark, alone, in pain,

I turn to memories once again

Wind on my face, sun dappled heat

Earthy smells of pine and peat

Insects buzzing, twigs cracking;

All the things life now is lacking


Living shadows, left bedridden,

Too ill to fight, too easily hidden

The world moves on, pretends not to see,

The ravages wrought by M.E.

Missing workers? Not a clue.

Covid? Nah, it’s just the flu.


We need help from those around

Who can stand and fight and hold the ground

Demand support, find treatments AT SPEED

Above all else it’s what we need


This illness can strike anyone,

Yes, even if you’re healthy and young!

And how to avoid this fate, you ask?

Don’t get sick– clean the air, and WEAR A MASK*!


*N95 equivalent or better


–Anonymous, age 33

This poem was submitted as part of the Reflections of ME/CFS and FM and Long COVID Awareness Day Virtual Event on May 9th, 2023.

#MillionsMissing #MillionsMore #Hope4MECFS #Hope4FM #Hope4LongCOVID

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