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You’re sick isn’t worthy. 

No ribbon, no run.

Not dying, not living. 

Just a life come undone.


Tests do not show,

The battles you’ve fought.

Some will believe you, 

Others will not.


You’ve lost all your shine.

You’re just not the same.

Your friends all start leaving. 

No one’s to blame.


The days become weeks.

Months fold into years.

No cure, this is chronic.

Confirm your worst fears.


Your choice, drown in pain.

And sink really low.

Or fight for each day.

Get your ducks in a row.


Grab on to each moment

And set yourself free.

With grace and some gratitude

Soon you will see.


Self love and acceptance

Is truly the key.

Resilience will bloom 

Where cracks used to be.


Written by: Megan

I have been living with ME/CFS since 2017 (diagnosed in March of 2020). Love and blessings to all of the warriors who fight beside me and for me!

This poem was submitted as part of the Reflections of ME/CFS and FM and Long COVID Awareness Day Virtual Event on May 9th, 2023.

#MillionsMissing #MillionsMore #Hope4MECFS #Hope4FM #Hope4LongCOVID

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