“Reflections at Year 5”

by | May 10, 2022 | Awareness Day, ME/CFS, Patient Voice

Reflections at year 5…

On top of the world, amazing career, a perfect life

Until suddenly I wasn’t

Why me, why now?

But why not me?

Unable to stand, to eat, to sleep, to think

Where had I gone?

An end, and then a foreign uncharted path

Time eased some burdens, some persist, intensify

And slowly I emerge anew

Known strengths prevailed, unknown unearthed

Found out that I am truly loved

And that there is great Joy to Just Be.


Joan is a former pediatric emergency physician, medical school professor, and physician executive at the hospital where she worked before developing ME/CFS which forced her to retire. She was a typical Coloradoan filling her free time with biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, scuba diving, and travel. Her love of the mountains led her to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Everest base camp, Patagonia, Alaska, and the Swiss Alps. Joan has been ill for 5 1/2 years and lives in Denver, Colorado. She now finds meaning in the powerful spirituality and beauty of nature and music.

This poem was shared at the ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day Virtual Event on May 11th, 2022.

#Hope4MECFS #Hope4FM #Hope4LongCOVID #MillionsMissing

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