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Rob Ence headshotThe Bateman Horne Center (BHC) enters the final quarter of 2021, often referred to as the “giving season,” with unprecedented momentum. This year has been transformational in the world of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, orthostatic intolerance, and the new reality of Long COVID. The pathways forged in 2020 and prior years have sharply come into focus with greater recognition and demand for BHC’s expertise in education and clinical care and have elevated the opportunities for research partnerships. The pandemic era has driven professional researchers, educators, and providers in an earnest search for clues and insights. Compounding this phenomenon is the overwhelming plea for answers and help from the patient community. BHC’s positioning to respond has never been timelier, and more crucial.


In the past eight months, BHC has been immersed in research partnerships, some of which started with NIH funding. Collaborations with Jackson Labs, Columbia University, University of Utah, and other innovative sponsors have embraced the Long COVID discovery opportunities.


BHC’s education program and expanding requests for expertise have been delivered through educational conferences, training, seminars, virtual lectures, and video productions to audiences throughout Utah and the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. BHC’s YouTube channel reached thousands and thousands. Our resource pages and increasingly diverse support groups have also proven to be valued and sought-after resources both in the US and globally.

BHC has been active in diagnosing and treating a group of Long COVID patients recognizing the unique opportunity to study a post-viral illness just after onset. Adding capacity to the BHC professional team has enabled this effort as a complementary practice to its ME/CFS/FM foundation. Clinical care learnings inform education and research, and care is reciprocally improved from the application of education and research.
The BHC program models work and past learnings about ME/CFS/FM are applicable and impactful to long COVID sufferers. The results are promising and helping improve lives at a higher rate than ever before. Outreach opportunities through multiple media outlets have resulted in building awareness and skills in an ever-expanding market.


Your support has provided the fuel that has been efficiently deployed during 2021 and prior years. We hope we have earned your trust and hope you are mindful this giving season to help assure BHC’s future successes in serving the professional and patient communities.

Again, many thanks for your enduring support.

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