Everyone Deserves Informed Medical Care

by | Dec 8, 2022 | BHC News

Season’s Greetings to all Our Friends of the Bateman Horne Center (BHC).

As you may know, our fundraising theme this year is, “Everyone deserves informed medical care.” This is BHC’s message of inspiration that started with Dr. Bateman and has been adopted by every provider, staff person, or Board member at BHC. We are all committed to improving lives today. Our website campaign page at https://batemanhornecenter.org/donate/ shares some of the countless stories detailing the impact BHC has made on the lives of patients. These stories are powerful and personal, and I invite you to read and share them.

Medical education for providers is the key to future success. More informed providers equal more informed care for more people. In 2021 BHC was thrilled to have reached over 900 providers with live education. But in 2022, our educational aspirations exploded and reset the bar for where these programs are headed.

A few highlights to date in 2022:

  • Reached over 2,800+ medical professionals through live education
  • Taught professionals across 15 specialties, 21 states, and in 4 countries
  • Launched the Medical Education Resource Center (MERC) in partnership with Open Medicine Foundation (OMF)
  • Received approval to become an independent site in 2023 for Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)
  • Launched rotation mentoring program starting with a:
  • Fourth-year MD resident from the Mayo Clinic, MN
  • Second-year DNP student from the University of Utah Health
  • Released The ME/CFS Crash Survival Guidebook in February which has over 71,000 views serving as a tool to teach patients, providers, and caregivers about the practical and preventative aspects of the “crash” experienced by individuals with ME/CFS, long COVID, and severe fibromyalgia.
  • Published manuscript in Frontiers in Medicine: Family and Primary Care. “Orthostatic Challenge Causes Distinctive Symptomatic, Hemodynamic, and Cognitive Responses in Long COVID and ME/CFS”

We are grateful for your enduring support and recognize that these, and other program successes, could not happen without generous donors like you. Support BHC’s mission, and together, we will ensure that everyone gets what they deserve: informed medical care.



Rob Ence
Executive Director

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