BHC Participates in NIH-Sponsored ME/CFS Meeting

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The NIH will host 3 days of meetings focusing on ME/CFS research. The meeting on April 3 is titled, “Thinking the Future: A Workshop for Young Early Career ME/CFS Investigators”.  This is followed on April 4–5 with a meeting titled, “Accelerating Research on ME/CFS”.  The presentations for this meeting will be given by the veteran researchers conducting high quality research with the goal of assessing the current state of ME/CFS science. An outcome of this meeting will be identifying gaps and opportunities that can accelerate ME/CFS research.

Dr. Bateman will present on specific aspects of illness for this select group to “set the stage” for this landmark event.

Watch the NIH’s Accelerating Research on ME/CFS here:
Day 1: Thursday, April 4
Day 2: Friday, April 5

The Young Early Career ME/CFS Investigators meeting is an important first for the NIH with the goal to build a network of early career scientists pursuing ME/CFS research. Young early career researchers, which include undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, and medical residents/fellows, were invited to apply for travel awards. Applicants provided an abstract of their current ME/CFS research and based on review by a selection committee, were awarded travel and lodging and the opportunity to present their work. Attendees will also learn from the experts and receive guidance and advice on grant writing and attend the “Accelerating Research on ME/CFS” meeting providing the chance to network with other early career and more senior researchers.

The Bateman Horne Center is contributing to this nascent network of young early career ME/CFS investigators.

Brayden Yellman MD, our newly hired physician at BHC, will get an immersion into the latest ME/CFS research attending the two day meeting.

Jihyun Lee, RN, MPH, is a research associate with BHC and a recipient of one of the NIH Young Early Career travel awards.

Jihyun will be presenting on hours of upright activity to ascertain the impact of orthostatic intolerance on ME/CFS. She will also present a poster of this research and attend all three days of this important meeting.

BHC recognizes significant unmet need and the opportunity for discovery that ME/CFS and FM represents. We identify and partner with the best and the brightest scientists to accelerate research for the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS and FM by leveraging our research ready patient population. We are growing and hiring young early career doctors and investigators who are fearless and excited to rise to the challenge.

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