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by | Dec 14, 2021 | BHC News, Newsletters

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Holiday seasons bring time to pause, remember gratitude and give a variety of gifts, not only to loved ones but also to those in need.

 One gift I’m very thankful for has been the devotion, compassion, and expertise of Patty Jeys PA-C, a seasoned ME/CFS and FM clinician who recently retired from BHC. Having Patty by my side in the clinic for almost 20 years provided not only collegial companionship, but also the flexibility and support for me to venture into research, advocacy, and education.

I couldn’t have done it without her. She also opened my eyes to hiring other Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP), many of whom are now great clinicians as well. Long COVID has given BHC the opportunity to hire two experienced clinicians, a PA and an NP. After 9-10 months of Long COVID immersion, they are ready to begin seeing patients across the spectrum of ME/CFS, FM, and related conditions!

The other gifts I’m unmeasurably grateful for are the sustaining donations to BHC that have funded our intense efforts to create real-time progress across many domains.

 As a nonprofit organization, we consider that our specialty, greasing the wheels of progress to catalyze faster change. We are small but mighty, often operating in the background. In addition to caring for patients in the clinic, we strategically partner with funded scientists to rapidly enroll patients in research protocols. This moves research along more quickly. While waiting for the slow wheels of bench science to produce results, we analyze and publish clinical data from the protocols to guide clinical care.

It may not be as “sexy” as research, but for the past few years BHC has invested precious resources in the other greatest, and certainly most under-funded, need for patients with ME/CFS, FM, and related conditions—access to skilled clinicians. Almost everything we do at BHC has an aspect designed to teach physicians and bring new medical providers into the field. While delivering lectures at scientific conferences around the world is high profile, BHC providers have also personally mentored dozens of clinicians-in-training on site. Many are now practicing on their own.

We have delivered countless lectures to PAs, NPs, and physicians in our community and at the University of Utah. Many of these lectures are now available on our amazing website for both patients and clinicians worldwide. We also push out educational materials through a variety of far-reaching strategies, including hosting the U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition meetings, encouraging the creation of their website, and supporting the publication of the landmark paper on diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Of course, NONE of this extracurricular work is financed with medical insurance claims.

All I want for Christmas is generous financial support toward the mission of BHC, and specifically our passion for educating medical providers.

We need to hire another physician in 2022 which requires a financial investment of more than $150,000 to ensure that a physician can be attracted with a competitive salary while still afforded the extra time needed during the first year to spend quality time with patients and explore the rich educational resources needed to become an expert in the field.

Think about how much has been done by so few, and what each new well-trained physician can bring to the field!

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Stay safe from COVID variants! Get vaccinated if safely possible. Cherish those you love. Remember and support those in need.

-Lucinda Bateman, MD, Founder and Medical Director



We have raised 25% of our $550,000 goal needed to sustain our work!

YOU are why we work to make this Mission Possible, and it is possible only because of your involvement and financial support.


Educational Resource Announcement

We are pleased to announce that with the support of generous donors like you, BHC will release a multifaceted guidebook about living with ME/CFS and managing a crash. Healthcare professionals with ME/CFS teamed up with BHC to produce this resource that can assist individuals, their support network, and clinicians in their approach to living with this complex disease. The book will be released in the coming weeks. Vote for your favorite cover on Facebook or Twitter, and help us continue to deliver meaningful assets like this by donating today!


Donating to BHC Means:

– More clinicians learn how to diagnose & treat these illnesses
– Increased BHC clinic capacity with an additional physician
– Continued support groups to provide connection & knowledge

Your precious dollars are received with gratitude and awareness of the cost of giving. Donate today and see below for additional ways to help. 


Fundraising Toolkit

Inspire family and friends to support BHC’s mission by using our fundraising toolkit. On this page, you will find sample language and shareable graphics to use on social media and email.



Amazon Smile

Don’t forget to Smile! 😀 At no charge to you, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to a charity of your choice. Simply go to and select Bateman Horne Center as the charity you wish to support. Amazon will automatically send a percentage of your purchase amount to BHC.
Be sure to bookmark for your holiday shopping!


Recorded Education Talks


Addressing Orthostatic Intolerance in ME/CFS

Dr. Bateman delivered a presentation to the ME/CFS International Conference 2021: RID – Research Innovation and Discovery.

She covers symptoms, assessment, triggers, research data, and treatments. “Treatment can improve symptoms and function and may lead to insights about the underlying disease process.” Watch the 13-minute presentation here.  Or read the transcript here.


Clinical Presentation of Long COVID Subset Similar to ME/CFS   

Dr. Bateman delivered a 2nd presentation to the ME/CFS International Conference 2021: RID – Research Innovation and Discovery. She reviews: Long COVID symptoms, comorbid conditions, the similarities and differences with ME/CFS, and BHC’s purpose for studying Long COVID. Watch the 16-minute presentation here. Or read the transcript here.

Clinical Perspective on the Impact of Long COVID

Dr. Bateman spoke at the Advances in Our Understanding of ME/CFS and the Effects of Long COVID online event hosted by the Massachusetts ME/CFS and FM Association in partnership with the NIH. She covers how the Long COVID clinical data compares to ME/CFS and the importance of assessing for orthostatic intolerance. Her 15-minute presentation starts at 2:13:00.


BHC Research News


Blog Post on Long COVID RECOVER Initiative

Research Director, Dr. Vernon, explains the NIH-funded RECOVER Initiative in her recent blog post. BHC’s role is to recruit Long COVID patients that have been sick for more than 6 months following infection with COVID-19 for the research being conducted by the Mountain States PASC Consortium (MSPC). Read her post here.

New Research Announcement

Endothelial cells make up a single cell layer that lines blood vessels and maintains cardiovascular homeostasis. BHC is partnering with Purdue University to generate evidence on the potential role of point-of-care endothelial function assessment in the diagnosis, management, and monitoring of ME/CFS and Long COVID. This clinical research study will begin in early 2022.

Journal Manuscript about ME/CFS Research Tool

The Journal of Translational Medicine published a paper from RTI about their project called mapMECFS. Data from BHC research participants is submitted to the mapMECFS portal making it available to authorized researchers. RTI is a non-profit research institute and fellow member of the NIH-funded ME/CFS Collaborative Research Centers. Read the manuscript here.

BHC December Virtual Events


ImageOnline Support Groups

Both groups are designed to include pw ME/CFS, FM, Long COVID, and co-existing conditions. Supporters are also welcome!

December 7th at 1 pm MT: Body Image & Body Positivity

December 14th at 1 pm MT: Topic Ideas for 2022 & Festive Funnies


ImageLunch & Learn: December 16th @ 11:30 MT 

It’s December and that means that it is time for “My Favorite Things.” Since we are doing this in a virtual format, bring an item that you consider one of your “favorite things.” During the break-out session, each person will share and discuss how their item helps them. Here are some examples: a weighted blanket, a special pair of socks, a scented candle, etc. Click here to register.


Investing in BHC drives early diagnosis, treatment, and improved quality of life for patients everywhere. Donate today.

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