Share Message of Hope for Awareness Day & #MillionsMissing

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Awareness Day, Fibromyalgia, Home, Long COVID, ME/CFS, Patient Voice

Share Your Message of Hope

Share Your Message of Hope#MillionsMissing Participant

It’s time to start preparing for ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day! This will be our 2nd annual Messages of Hope virtual event. There will be a line-up of speakers (announced soon), a poetry reading, release of Believing Your Patient and Believing Your Loved One letters that can be downloaded from our website, a video of your messages of hope, and time for everyone to hold up their message and shoes live.

We want to hear from YOU. Share your message of hope, support, and inclusion to fellow community members through a simple statement, art, craft, or poem.

Submissions due to [email protected] by May 5th, with the subject line: Message of Hope

#MillionsMissing ParticipantInstructions

1. If you choose to share a message of hope. Use a marker or dark pen to write a simple statement or word on plain white paper. Some messages from last year include:

  • Together We Are Stronger
  • You Are Essential
  • You Are Not Alone
  • We Are In This Together
  • Good Research Is Increasing
  • Always Keep Your Hope Alive, Never Give Up, Tomorrow Is Another Day
  • You Are Still the Same Person
  • Respected, Admired, Loved#MillionsMissing Participant

2. Select a pair of shoes that represents a part of you or your loved one’s life that is missing (running, dancing, work).

3. Take a photo of yourself holding your message of hope, or artwork/craft, and shoes. The photos shared on this post are examples from last year.

4. Email your photo to BHC at [email protected] by Wednesday May 5th with the subject line: Message of Hope

5. Keep your sign, or artwork/craft, for the BHC’s virtual event on May 12th.

Watch the 2-minute Messages of Hope video from last year’s Awareness Day/Millions Missing event.