My Story in Art

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Patient Voice

story in art

When you are living with chronic illness like ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, engaging in healthy grieving can be among the many challenges. You may face periods of shock and numbness, denial, anger, and intense emotional pain. Experts say it is essential that you engage your grief reaction and practice patience with yourself as you learn to express your feelings—journal, cry, sing, and talk to others about your pain. Some, like Donni Lockridge, have found art to be a tremendous outlet for their feelings.

Donni is a person with ME/CFS/FM; she has generously chosen to share some of her body of work with us.

“I paint about our collective experiences, trying to give voice to our feelings through this medium.”

It is Donni’s hope that through sharing her art with a wider audience, someone else may connect with it and be able to better express their own feelings.


If you have artwork, poetry, music, or a story to share, please let us know.
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My Story in Art
by Donni Lockridge

It is often so hard to put words to our lives and feelings. I became ill with ME/CFS 8 years ago. I began painting last year. Images, stories conveyed on canvas, expressions of our pain, frustration, confusion, and the outside world’s often lack of compassion or inability to understand what it is like to be locked into bodies that merely exist. So, the art was born.

I hope it brings a sense of understanding for sufferers & non-sufferers.

Story in Art donni_art3 donni_art4 donnit_art1


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