An Important Note to Current BHC Patients from Dr. B

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Current BHC Patient News

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Dear BHC Patient,working together

As you may know we have been working diligently to create more services, resources and research progress for patients with FM and ME/CFS by creating the Bateman Horne Center (BHC), a non-profit organization and potential center of excellence.

The great news is that we have made amazing progress and anticipate much more. We have a beautiful new office space with more room to grow, additional support staff and promising research collaborations. Our web site and educational resources are growing. Generous donors have stepped forward with needed funds.

The challenge is that we are still working to identify, secure and train additional medical providers on pace with the clinic and research expansion. That means that I have been stretched very thin – delivering individual care to existing patients, evaluating desperately ill new patients, developing and supervising research projects, creating educational resources, and networking locally and nationally with scientists and medical professionals – as well as raising money to support the nonprofit center of excellence. We expect all new providers to deliver compassionate care with a high level of expertise, but they must be given an opportunity to develop that expertise at BHC.

Unless cloning is an option, I must NOW make short term changes in my schedule to ensure the success of this lofty project, along with my own health and well-being. So I’m writing you today to ask for your cooperation and help. We may need to change your upcoming appointment. Please do what you can, but be completely honest about your specific needs. I care about you and have instructed my staff to address each concern individually.

For the duration of 2016, or until we have another seasoned medical provider on staff, I will be cutting back my clinic schedule so that I can provide the leadership and expertise needed for BHC to survive and thrive. My intention and plan is to resume routine care of my established patients again in the near future.

Here are the ways you can help BHC, and me, in the next 3-4 months:

  • Be flexible and willing to change your appointments if asked.
  • Engage your PCP more than ever before. Maybe both of you will benefit.
  • Follow up with appropriate specialists who can assist with your care.
  • Be willing to make appointments with new BHC providers.
    • You can educate others by sharing yourself.
  • Do your best to engage in healthy self-management (take care of yourself!)
  • Help us identify clinicians and researchers who will join our efforts.
  • Help us raise money.
    • It takes $50- 100,000 to train a new provider. It has cost tens of thousands to move to our new facility. Hiring a volunteer coordinator could make volunteer service at BHC a reality. A skilled grant writer would bring resources to the clinic and nonprofit. We welcome your input.

At the start of 2016 I told you I was ready to roll up my pant legs and run the race with the persistence of a tortoise and the speed and stamina of a hare. I remain dedicated to charting this new course so that we can win the race together.tortoise hare socks

Thank you for being on the journey with me! 

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Lucinda Bateman MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Bateman Horne Center of Excellence