The Unicorn Model

by | Jul 9, 2021 | BHC News, Research News, Uncategorized

Suzanne V, PhD

BHC: A Unique Clinical Research CenterBHC Unicorn Model

Of all of the places I’ve worked, BHC is the one with the greatest promise to improve the lives of those impacted by ME/CFS, FM and post-viral illnesses. Why? Because of our unique model of clinical care, research, and education. Nobody does what we do.   

Our first step is to listen to the patient to understand the journey that has led them to BHC. Eligible patients participate in a variety of ongoing research opportunities including biomarker discovery, point-of-care measures, and clinical trials. We learn in real-time – what is wrong, what helps, what hurts, what works. This real-time knowledge and data are translated into innovative research projects and partnerships, educational assets, and immediately informs clinical care of our patients. Our unique clinical research center model is nimble, responsive, and dynamic and we are sought out for our experience and expertise in ME/CFS, FM and post-viral illnesses. 

The pandemic did not stop us. In fact, we anticipated a tsunami of prolonged post-COVID-19 illness. So, in January 2021, we began seeing patients with Long COVID in the hopes that early diagnosis and management would mitigate progression to ME/CFS/FM and that what we learned about Long COVID would elucidate the root causes of ME/CFS/FM. Many Long COVID patients participated in our NIH-funded ME/CFS research. We were granted additional funding to determine the similarities and differences between ME/CFS and Long COVID. We partnered with Stanford University and the University of Utah on separate applications to the NIH PASC Initiative. BHC’s unique clinical research center model has perfectly positioned us to lead Long COVID research and education by leveraging over collective 50 years of ME/CFS/FM and post-viral expertise. 

The pandemic gave BHC the opportunity to insert ourselves into the global conversation of post-COVID-19 sequelae. With that comes our voice, our experience and our ability to disseminate evidence-based knowledge about ME/CFS and FM. With that our goal of improving the lives of people with ME/CFS, FM, and post-viral illness through universal access to evidence-informed, precision medicine is tangible. 

We thank you for your continued support as we press forward in our vision to create a world where patients with ME/CFS, FM and post-viral illnesses are readily diagnosed, effectively treated, and widely met with empathy and understanding. Please consider making a donation to BHC a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization today.