My Personal and Professional Journey with ME/CFS

by | Aug 24, 2021 | BHC News

Luke, Wife, & Dog

Incredible people have spent time at BHC as interns, pre-med students, and clinical research coordinators as a way point in their educational journeys. As a part of our mission, we hire and train upcoming researchers and medical professionals to help be a product of change in the scientific and medical fields surrounding these illnesses. Luke reflects on his time at BHC.  

Luke Hansen As a premedical student I was trying to expose myself to a broad range of medical practice when a friend of mine recommended shadowing Dr. Bateman. Seeing her and the many dedicated employees of the BHC highlighted the qualities of compassionate care, evidenced-based medicine and patient advocacy that I believe every healthcare provider should display. It inspired me to volunteer with the organization. I was fortunate to work with patients through the intake process, organizing their medical records and eventually seeing them in clinic for their appointments. With education and outreach I helped improve the accessibility of YouTube content. I then briefly worked with the research department before a death in the family brought me back to Colorado.

These experiences gave me a holistic view of the organization, but when my wife was diagnosed with ME/CFS I began to know the struggles of this disease on a personal level. I have brushed her teeth when she just didn’t have the energy to move her arms. Walked her to the bathroom countless times. We have cried and grieved the things that this disease takes away and learned to enjoy the activities we can do within a limited energy envelope. Unfailingly, the BHC has been an amazing resource to navigate this process.

For these reasons, I feel honored to be on the Board of Directors for the BHC and to help guide the future of this organization. I am in the unique Seeds of Knowledge Map position of beginning medical school with an understanding of ME/CFS and a host of organizations working to understand and treat this disease. I hope to use this position to act as a bridge between the University of Utah and the BHC to improve collaboration, research and patient outcomes for this lovely community of ME/CFS and FM patients.

Our work with Luke and others like him are made possible by donations. Help us continue this vital work and donate to BHC.

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