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On November 1-3, 2015, Suzanne D. Vernon, PhD, Bateman Horne Center Research Czarista, attended the 7th annual Partnering for Cures convention. Partnering for Cures convenes leaders with the experience, creativity, and motivation needed to transform the medical research system
and connects hundreds of decision-makers from across diseases who are motivated by the same mission – to reduce the time and cost of getting new therapies from discovery to patients.

The new format for 2015 focused on more interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves problem-solving – the kind that is right up Dr. Vernon’s alley. Partnering for Cures convenes leaders with the experience, creativity, and motivation needed to transform the medical research system. Though she funded her own attendance, she was representing the Bateman Horne Center in the hopes of:

  • Finding partners who could make a difference for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia
  • Problem-solving with medical research leaders
  • Exploring creative, patient-centered solutions
  • Uncovering the latest research trends and market needs

Below is a brief summary from Dr. Vernon about her time at the convention.




Dr. Vernon visiting with Martha Carlin and Linda Avey at P4C

Partnering for Cures 2015

After 2 days of exhilarating and inspiring plenaries, panels, mashups and workshops the 7th Annual Partnering for Cures meeting has come to a close. This is my 4th Partnering for Cures (P4C) meeting. I love P4C – it is so different than the science meetings I’ve attended most of my career. At P4C people from all walks of life attend – while there you’ll meet, first and foremost, people affected by disease, but also scientists, medical doctors, policy makers, pharmaceutical industry and regulators (to name a few).

One of my favorite things about P4C are the partnering meetings. A P4C app lets you schedule meetings with any organization or person attending the meeting during the 2 days. It’s like a speed dating app for partners! There’s a big room set up with 50 cubicles where potential partners meet for 25 minutes. Piquing interest in partnering with you in 25 minutes is a rush! Here are just a few that are excited to be partnering with Bateman Horne Center to help us empower patients, advance research and improve clinical care for all those impacted by ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Martha Carlin is the CEO of The BioCollective and will be partnering with Bateman Horne Center to explore connections between neurological diseases and the microbiome. Martha’s husband has Parkinson’s disease, her mother had MS and her daughter has severe allergies and fatigue.

Linda Avey is the co-founder and CEO of We Are Curious. Her company will work with Bateman Horne Center to aggregate data that ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia patients track and monitor using the Curious platform. A tech savvy young ME/CFS patient will work with Linda, Dr. Bateman and I to coordinate a group of 20 patients who will beta test the Ouraring – a wearable device that assesses sleep.


Cori Lathan, CEO at AnthroTronix

Cori Lathan is CEO at AnthroTronix, a technology company that has developed a cognitive testing app called DANA that has been cleared by the FDA. DANA can be used on a smartphone or tablet to measure and monitor cognition. Cori is excited about partnering with Bateman Horne to test how DANA can help us track and monitor brain fog and cognitive impairment in ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.


I am invigorated by the discussions had, the ideas shared and the partners met. I am determined to bridge the gaps and connect the dots to make real progress for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. We are building a better future for all those impacted and it is an exciting time to be on this journey with you!

Suzanne D Vernon, PhD
Research Czarista, Bateman Horne Center



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