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Each month the BHC e-news, Empower Update, will bring you important and relevant information focused on three main areas:

  1. Empowering Patients with Information: Through education programs, qualified information from one of the leading ME/CFS and FM docs in the nation, and access to a rich social media network, we're bringing patients from across the globe together to discover greater understanding, expanded knowledge, and to replace isolation with connection.
  2. Advancing Research on Diagnosis and Treatment: Both in our partnerships with other research organizations and through cutting edge research being conducted in our own lab, BHC is a cutting-edge player in the ME/CFS and FM research landscape. We'll keep you informed on how you can join us in fueling research progress.
  3. Improving Clinical Care for ALL ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Patients: BHC is one of the few clinics in the world providing specialized clinical care for ME/CFS and FM. We can only see a fraction of those seeking care, so we are investing our time and expertise in developing education programs for medical practitioners in order to expand the availability of quality care and resources that patients across the globe can take to their local doctor.

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