Even though the world’s attention is on COVID-19, BHC’s continued commitment to clinical care, research and education for our ME/CFS and FM community remains unwavering. Because our community’s well-being is central to all we do, we have compiled a list of resources and education aimed at keeping you informed and prepared during this difficult time.

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Medical Considerations Letter — In the event you become acutely ill, the Medical Care Considerations Letter serves as a guiding resource for outside medical care intervention. The intent of this letter is to provide care professionals with further information about your illness of ME/CFS and/or severe FM to assist them with their medical intervention decisions.

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COVID-19 and ME/CFS/FM Frequently Asked Questions: Drs. Bateman and Yellman answer specific questions about COVID-19 as it relates to ME/CFS/FM.

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Coping with Anxiety Related to COVID-19: Timothy Weymann, LCSW, discusses ways of shaping your thoughts surrounding anxiety related to COVID-19.

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Advance Care Planning: The Advance Care Planning document provides guidance for establishing advanced-care-directives and POLST documents.

Personal Guidance and Decision Making

  • Shelter at home. Limit your exposure to others and adhere to the CDC’s recommended precautions.
  • Be diligent in your adherence to practicing good hygiene.
  • Testing does not equate to treatment. A positive test can only lead to medical advice and prioritization of care based on illness severity. Currently, most treatment is “supportive.”
  • More aggressive interventions are only needed if symptoms worsen to the point that hospital admission is required for fluids, oxygen, and possibly ICU admission with likelihood of intubation and ventilation.
  • In emergency situations individuals with ME/CFS/FM should engage in the highest quality medical interventions for the respective emergency medical condition. If you get sick, don’t try to manage COVID-19 for your doctors.
  • Drug treatment is rapidly becoming more available for the most severely ill with COVID-19. These treatments might lead to improvement for ME/CFS.
  • Advance Directives: Everyone, not just those with ME/CFS, should document end-of-life wishes on paper regarding aggressive medical care in a life-threatening situation. Discuss with family and medical professionals as needed.

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