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BHC has a year-end campaign goal of $500k to support and sustain our educational, clinical, and research mission in 2021. 

We have a few generous donors who will triple the impact of your contribution.

Please help us achieve the minimum match of $125k so that our benefactors can carry us across the finish line. 

YOU are a vital component in our ability to transform and advance the field of ME/CFS, fibromyalgia (FM), post-viral illnesses, and related conditions.

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Your Donation Supports the Following 2021 Programs!


  • Published three landmark research studies in medical literature!
  • Continued ground breaking research to identify blood biomarkers for fibromyalgia.
  • Collaborated and served as a primary research site with Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, the National Institute of Health (NIH), Columbia University, the American Institutes for Research (AIR), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Clinical Care

  • Served over 450 unique patients with 1250+ clinic visits.
  • Expanded virtual non-BHC patient consultations to assist out-of-state providers and patients.
  • Transitioned and adapted patient care to telehealth in accordance with patient safety and COVID-19 health guidelines. 


  • Delivered direct provider education to over 400 healthcare professionals on concepts involving the diagnositc workup and management of individuals with ME/CFS, FM, post-viral syndromes, chronic pain & fatigue, and orthostatic intolerance syndromes. 
  • Reached medical providers across 15 states and 3 countries. 
  • Created and hosted COVID-related programming for medical providers, patients, and Long Haulers. 

Outreach & Support

  • Co-hosted and facilitated the 3rd annual U.S. ME/CFS Clinicians Coalition Summit (virtual) in May with 40+ healthcare providers. 
  • Facilitated and presented at the inaugural International Neuro ME/CFS Roundtable (virtual) in October with 20+ researchers and healthcare providers. 
  • Hosted monthly Lunch & Learn sessions (virtual) with international participation increasing average attendance 400%. 
  • Facilitated 36 ME/CFS and FM virtual support groups and provider chats with 1400+ total participants. 

Major Accomplishments in 2020!

Your Donations Will Help Us Grow in 2021 and Beyond!


  • BHC will partner with Precisely to deliver automated health services to long COVID patients. Precisely is an intelligent health service from the creator of 23andMe.
  • Sponsor and conduct ME/CFS and FM clinical trials.
  • Continue to research tools which objectify the National Academy of Medicine’s diagnostic criteria. 

Clinical Care

  • Recruit at least one additional healthcare provider with complementary specialty training, and the required support staff. 
  • Migrate patient data to an enhanced and more comprehensive Electronic Health Record system. 
  • Sustain monthly patient Q&A sessions with medical providers. 
  • Improve efficiencies and capacity with patient visits in telehealth. 


  • Expand reach of provider education to medical associations and schools.
  • Curate healthcare provider education on post-viral syndromes and differential diagnosis.
  • Develop education for patients and the medical community on pacing and post-exertional malaise.
  • Cultivate more targeted resources on pain and FM management.
  • Develop education specific to ME/CFS and FM comorbidities.

Outreach & Support

  • Support the programing and staff required to manage monthly support groups.
  • Expand support resources for patients through the spectrum of age.
  • Cultivate support resources for carepartners and family/friends. 

Thank You! 

For being you, and for being a part of our mission!