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Monthly Education Series Video Release

April 8, 2020

Monthly Education Series

The Psychology of Chronic Illness: Making It Normal,  a 6-part series by Timothy Weymann, LCSW.

BHC has made changes in our outreach schedule to provide information and support related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the remaining editions of this series will be released as follows:

Wednesday, April 8: Part-5 Relationships
Wednesday, April 15: Part-6 Meaning Making

Catch-up on previously released editions here.

Series Description
Chronic illness can create chaotic internal processes that can have profound effects on the way we experience ourselves, other people, and life in general. This can leave us feeling significantly different than those around us, which in turn, can make it hard for us to understand ourselves. Further compounding the problem is that many health professionals frequently focus solely on biochemistry, and are not thoroughly trained, themselves, in how these processes impact us from a psychological and social perspective. As a result, our distress can easily be escalated through feelings of isolation and alienation which stem partly from our, and others’, general lack of understanding regarding the normalcy of our experiences. Consequently, this presentation aims to reduce our suffering by identifying and validating these experiences through a brief review of some of the scientific research regarding the “normal” psychological and social aspects of chronic illness. Join Tim in this 6-part series as he reviews, validates, and normalizes the psychological and social aspects of chronic illness.

Weymann is a licensed clinical social worker providing mental health therapy, education, counseling and consultation. He has spent over 10 years working as a professional counselor assisting adults who are facing some of life’s most complex challenges.


The videos will be released on our website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

Our monthly Education Series shifted in 2020. Instead of a live-stream event we will release the video on the first Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise noted) on our website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.