Development and Charitable Giving

BHC exists to address the gap between no care and broadly available evidence-informed precision medicine by making the discoveries actionable and informing decisions about ME/CFS patient health. Without BHC, many of these discoveries run the risk of not being validated because the disease course varies for patients, there is a lack of consistently applied diagnostic criteria, and small sample sizes have all hampered replicating important discoveries. Our mission resolve is to change that paradigm.

BHC maintains an aggressive and progressive agenda. Development funds are required throughout the year to enable the amplification of research programs, creation and deployment of educational programming, and to support patient access to resources.


Development Funding Priorities

  • Educational Programming – creation and production of resources for patients and healthcare providers
  • Friends of Shauna B Horne Fund – providing financial support for access to clinical care for financially vulnerable individuals with ME/CFS, FM, or related comorbidities.
  • Innovative Research – fosters BHC-led research projects
  • Provider Recruitment – assists in the start-up costs of recruiting new providers
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