Licensed Psychologist, Provider

Elizabeth Sherlock, PhD is a licensed psychologist provider at BHC. She completed a BS in sociology and JD at Brigham Young University and a PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Utah. Dr. Sherlock managed inpatient and outpatient mental health for the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years and retired with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She leads multiple online support groups at BHC as well as individual patient consultations.

Dr. Sherlock moved to Layton, Utah, after her military career and shifted her practice focus to family services. She worked with multi-cultural families, victims of domestic violence, and troubled teenagers and children. Later, Dr. Sherlock opened a private practice in Salt Lake City where she continued work with children and families, custody and visitation evaluations. She contracted services to inmates at the SLCo jail and to nursing homes. Dr. Sherlock expanded her work in the legal system as a juvenile probation officer in Moab providing counseling and support for individuals facing criminal charges. She worked on program and curriculum development for Western Governors University in the Social Sciences before a two-year engagement as a clinical & behavioral health psychologist at Hill AFB, Utah, where she provided mental health services to active-duty military members and their families.


Education and Training

Institution and Location Degree Completion Field of Study
Brigham Young University, Provo Utah

Brigham Young University, Provo Utah

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Professional Licensure











Counseling Psychology



Personal Statement

I retired after a career as an Air Force Psychologist in 2001. I worked a variety of places after retirement including nursing homes, Salt Lake County Jail, Family Connections Center and as a civilian at Hill Air Force Base. When my son died at age 46 after a twenty-year struggle with ME/CFS, which his father had died from at age 53, I wanted to do something to help the many people who face this difficult illness. I approached Bateman Horne Center and inquired if they could use a psychologist on their staff. They were kind enough to take me in and I have been doing support groups and individual counseling here for several years now.

Positions and Honors

2008-2010 Clinical & Behavioral Health Psychologist, U. S. Air Force (civilian), Hill AFB, Utah. Duties included half-time in the Mental Health Clinic providing mental health services to active-duty military members and half-time in the Family Practice Clinic providing behavioral health services to adults, children, and families in conjunction with the family practice physicians and pediatricians.
2018-PR BHC licensed psychologist
2006-2007 Social Sciences Subject Matter Expert, Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Supervised and participated in curriculum development, program management and student interface for the Social Sciences division of the Liberal Arts College.
2006 Juvenile Probation Officer, Utah State Administrative Office of the Courts (Seventh District Juvenile Court), Moab, Utah. Provided counseling, court interface, and diversion services for youth (and parents) facing criminal charges in juvenile court.
2003-2005 Private Practice, focused on children, families, custody and visitation evaluations, Salt Lake City, Utah. Also provided contract services to adult corrections inmates at Salt Lake County Jail and to various nursing homes in Salt Lake City.
2002-2003 Supervising Psychologist, Family Connection Center, Layton, Utah. Provided mental health services for low income multi-cultural clients, many of whom were victims of domestic violence. Counseled troubled teenagers and children with a wide range of social and mental health issues.
1984-2001 Psychologist, U.S. Air Force (retired Lieutenant Colonel). Variety of positions, both outpatient and inpatient mental health.
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