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Bateman Horne Center Response to NIH RFI


BHC prepared the following response the NIH Request For Information (RFI) regarding the future of ME/CFS research Sixteen different centers within the NIH sought input concerning new research strategies for ME/CFS. They asked patients and advocates to tell the Trans-NIH Working Group on ME/CFS what kind of opportunities they see for studying the illness, what technologies and…

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Uncovering Biomarkers – Fcg receptors in ME/CFS

Uncovering Biomarkers

Uncovering Biomarkers – Is protein dysfunction a risk factor for the development of ME/CFS? The Bateman Horne Center (BHC) is determined to bring ME/CFS and FM into the mainstream by focusing on the discovery of biomarkers. Biomarkers will improve diagnosis and treatment and put us on a pathway to a cure. It is the powerful…

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