Support Strategies for the Holidays

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Patient Education

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Support Strategies for the Holidays image Marybeth Raynes, a licensed marriage and family therapist spoke at our December Education meeting on supports for the holiday season. She demonstrated how people living with pain, exhaustion, and isolation can craft a meaningful inner-self holiday season with guided imagery and plan strategies for an outer-self holiday with others.

Each of us are a collection of personality parts or sub-selves. For example, a part of ourselves likes to connect with others and another part carries our disappointments. When sick, we spend a lot of time in our own thoughts reliving past experiences and worrying about the future.

Marybeth presented the following information and led the audience in a guided imagery exercise.

Support for an Inner Holiday Season                                                                                                                                      

Key Values: During the imagery exercise ideas that come to mind reflect some of the deepest values you want to re-affirm during this season:

  • Deepening and/or expressing your spiritual faith
  • Affirmation of love by being with or connecting to a loved one in a particular way; experiencing the pleasure and warmth of opening yourself to the experience of another person.
  • Joy and celebration that music can bring
  • Service by sharing what you are able to do within your capabilities.
  • Rituals of the season that link the past, cement them in the present and carry you forward to the future.
  • Valuing and consolidating the inner work you’ve done, wholly feeling yourself, uniting past and present selves.

Why do this now?

  • Make one change at a time by focusing on a clear detail of what we want; learning the particular behavior, the thought pattern and whatever goes with it-and then practice, practice, practice.
  • These efforts connect parts of our self, thus becoming like an expanded kind of mindfulness where we integrate our past, present, and future.


  • Guided imagery: Focus on one thing that you dearly want.
  • “Unplug the Christmas Machine”
    • The expectations of the Christmas machine cannot be met. Not by anybody, even those without a chronic illness.
    • What we want will always be more than our ability to carry it off.
    • How much of our busyness do we consider a matter of worthiness?

Holiday Pre-habilitation

  • Pace now, in December, so you won’t experience a relapse in January.
    • What can you do in this next week to take an event, duties, or idealized expectation off your schedule?
    • Considering your schedule for the month, what can you cancel?

Tools for the process

  • Assess your battery life: How many minutes or hours in a day do you realistically have to function?
  • Avoid ruminating: Thinking about past difficulties and disappointments requires a lot of cognitive and emotional energy. Instead, switch your focus to details of positive experiences.
  • Practice gratitude: Think about specifics. It’s like playing emotional catch with affirmative rebounding.

Support for Outer Holidays with Others

Creating the Event

  • Discuss your focused expectation with others. The more you share, the more they may join in creating a season in which you are unplugging the Christmas machine and celebrating your heart’s desire.
  • Plan how much batter life it will take, then double it. It always takes longer than we plan.

Offering Service

  • We generate the most support from others when we offer it. Although our capacities may be very limited, we can offer small gifts of:
    • Listening openly to others’ plans and events even if you can’t participate is the gift of sharing in others’ joy.
    • If you can offer some gifts of time and practical help that fit your values and resources, you will have more energy and focus to help create outer-self events.

Resources for Support




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