Move the Mark: Advance the Trajectory of ME/CFS & FM Care

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Educating healthcare providers is a core mission priority for the Bateman Horne Center (BHC). Donations are the sole source of financial support for preparing and delivering educational content.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts the health of millions around the world; it also shines a light on lasting post-infectious complications that may include ME/CFS, FM, and comorbid conditions.

This new awareness is an opportunity to improve access to quality medical care through increased provider education benefiting both long-term and new-onset patients with these complex chronic illnesses.

With over 60 years of combined clinical experience, BHC is closing the knowledge gap and expanding the network of expertise across medical specialties.

The Move the Mark fundraising campaign will allow us to sustain and expand the education program.

In 2020, BHC employed a multifaceted approach to delivering educational content targeting primary and specialty healthcare professionals:

  • The first three in a series of short introductory videos geared toward clinicians. To date these assets received over 8,000 views from all over the world.
    • What is ME/CFS?
    • What is Orthostatic Intolerance? Part 1
    • What is Orthostatic Intolerance? Part 2
  • Accredited continuing medical education (CME) Lectures
    • “Unraveling the Complexity of Chronic Pain and Fatigue,” a three lecture series with the University of Utah Health
    • “Could We Possibly be Missing an Underlying Multisystem Illness?” at University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Center
  • Medical Community Education Lectures
    • “Post-Viral Illness and COVID-19” at University of Utah Health Project ECHO
    • Post-Viral ME/CFS Clinical Seminar hosted by #MEAction
  • Newly renovated website updated with educational content for healthcare professionals, patients, and their loved ones
  • COVID-19 Medical Care Considerations Letter

In addition to these offerings, BHC has continued during COVID-19 to serve the patient community through virtual support groups, Lunch & Learn, and educational videos.

Your donation will help fund development and production of:

  • Short introductory videos on post exertional malaise
  • FM education for medical providers and patients
  • Education on comorbid conditions (small fiber neuropathy, hEDS, mast cell, etc.)
  • Education for nurses and support staff
  • Adaptable exercise and wellness programs for people with ME/CFS and FM

  Now more than ever, BHC has the chance to change the trajectory of medical outcomes for those experiencing ME/CFS, FM, and comorbid conditions.  If you are able to support our work, please donate generously to Bateman Horne Center. Donate Today!

Thank you, ­­­
BHC Staff

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