Job Opportunities at BHC

There are currently no open positions. Please check back periodically.

The Bateman Horne Center of Excellence (BHC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. BHC does not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Hiring, transferring and promotion practices are performed without regard to the above listed items.

BHC seeks to empower patients and their loved ones with compassion, commitment and innovation. We emphasize patient engagement and education, resulting in practical solutions accessible to all regardless of demographic and/or socioeconomic background.

  • Health care teams that are knowledgeable, empathetic, committed to professional and personal advancement, and trained as good listeners and teachers.
  • Research that is based in science, cutting-edge knowledge, creativity and ingenuity.
  • Clinic practices that promote safety, technology, 360-degree communication and training opportunities.

Bateman Horne Center of Excellence
24 South 1100 East, Suite 205
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102