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DirectMD is Web-based portal that creates your private interface with BHC’s electronic health record (Cadurx).  DirectMD/Cadurx is designed and managed by a Utah-based company that maintains state-of-the-art online privacy and HIPAA compliance, while also allowing us to develop a flexible health record more suited to patients with ME/CFS and FM. We use DirectMD/Cadurx as our electronic clinic record because they are a readily accessible company that provides personal and reliable service to BHC.

You will need an email invitation from BHC staff to access the DirectMD portal the first time. 

Please access and review your own clinic records regularly, make changes to the medication list, enter new diagnoses, complete pre-visit questionnaires and download pdf documents relevant to care.

There is a private and HIPAA complaint “MAIL” system within Cadurx for private communication with providers and staff.    Once you bookmark the page (or enter here using the link above) all you need is your password.

Remember your password.  Don’t share it with anyone you don’t want accessing your medical records.


If you need help understanding how to use DirectMD, BHC staff will be happy to provide instruction.

Contact us:
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existing patients

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