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May Education Meeting – Not Without ME

May Education Meeting – Not Without ME

presented by Linda Avey and Suzanne D. Vernon, PhD
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"Not Without ME"  |  Linda will describe how her team is working together with the Bateman Horne Center to track data, chart experiences and find patient-generated answers using  Suzanne will share the results of an ME/CFS pilot study using and a sleep tracking device called OURAring.  Both will discuss how this approach is going to be used in new research they are doing.
  • Wednesday, May 3rd, 6pm Mountain/7pm Central
  • BHC Education Center, located at 24 South 1100 East, Suite 205, SLC, UT
  • or Join us via livestream on Facebook ( 
  • If you are unable to attend in person or online, visit our Video Library for archived video recordings.
  • Linda AveyLinda Avey is co-founder and CEO of, a platform designed to help individuals track and assemble their personal health data—from wearables, sensors, environmental monitors, to genomics and microbiome sequences— creating a rich source of information helping propel the Precision Health movement. facilitates data sharing with researchers and physicians, all at the users’ control and consent.
In 2006, Linda co-founded 23andMe with a similar mission: accelerating genetics research through crowd-sourcing and consumer data sharing. The company now hosts 2 million genetic profiles linked to individuals who share their phenotypic data, driving the company’s research and drug discovery efforts. 23andMe recently received clearance from the FDA to provide disease risk reports through a direct-to-consumer model. Prior to 23andMe, Linda worked for companies providing biomolecular research tools to academic, pharma, and biotech research organizations.  
  • Suzanne D Vernon PhDSuzanne D Vernon, PhD has her master’s degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University and her doctorate degree in Virology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has co-authored 100 scientific papers and dedicated the past 20 years of her professional research career on identifying biomarkers and causes of ME/CFS.
Her career is highlighted by a number of “firsts”. As a team lead member of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s CFS research group, Vernon conceived and organized a BIG DATA computational challenge. She recruited an eclectic team of molecular biologists and computational biologists to merge data collected in laboratory, clinical and epidemiology studies with the goal of identifying biomarkers to objectively define ME/CFS. Suzanne “built” the Research Institute Without Walls (RIWW), the first nonprofit patient-centered research initiative focused on identifying diagnostic biomarkers and disease-modifying treatment for ME/CFS. The RIWW attracted some of the brightest investigators from the best institutions into ME/CFS research. Suzanne brings several of her connections and collaborations with her to the Bateman Horne Center where she is building a research program focused on identifying biomarkers, developing diagnostic tests, and uncovering evidence-based treatments for ME/CFS.