The considerations offered in this guidebook do not replace the medical interventions prescribed by the user’s care team and should be evaluated by prior to implementation.

The ME/CFS Crash Survival Guidebook 

This guidebook is designed for the patient, their support network, and care team with the intention of:

    • Increasing the understanding of ME/CFS and its defining characteristic, post-exertional malaise (PEM).
    • Help the individual prepare in advance for a crash/PEM episode, ensuring their critical needs are met.
    • Offer adaptive guidance in carrying out everyday living activities to support energy conservation with ME/CFS.


Note: There is a substantial amount of information in this guidebook. It is not intended to overwhelm or tax the user and/or their support system, rather serve as a utilization tool that can be accessed and paced over time.  

How to Use

This guidebook can be downloaded or printed. Individual pages can be printed as needed.

Print options include:

      • Corresponding color-coded chapters
      • Black and white version
      • Sizes include: 8.5×11 or a 5.5×8 foldable booklet
      • The user can also choose the book cover of their preference

Typeable, downloadable, and printable cards can be utilized in color or in black and white.

      • Communication cards
      • Medication Cards
      • Diagnoses
      • Allergies & Sensitivities
      • Medical Providers & Emergency Contact

ME/CFS Crash Survival Guidebook 

Video Playlist

Medication Sheets

Morning Medication Sheet 

Midday Medication Sheet

Evening Medication Sheet 

General Medication Sheet
Discontinued Medication Sheet

Diagnoses, Allergies & Contact Sheets

Diagnoses Sheet

Allergies & Sensitivies

Medical Providers & Emergency Contacts

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