Even though the world’s attention is on COVID-19, BHC’s continued commitment to clinical care, research and education for our ME/CFS and FM community remains unwavering. Because our community’s well-being is central to all we do, we have compiled a list of resources and education aimed at keeping you informed and prepared during this difficult time.

Long COVID Resources

Bateman Horne Center joined 49 new partners in the fight to return millions of Americans to health. The Long COVID Alliance launched by Solve ME/CFS Initiative, is a network of patient-advocates, scientists, disease and public health experts, and drug developers, who have joined together to leverage our collective knowledge and resources to educate policy makers and accelerate research to transform our understanding of post-infectious illness.  

Learn more about the Long COVID Alliance here. 

These resources have been developed for those with ME/CFS, FM and related conditions. However, they may aid those experiencing Long COVID symptoms as they work with their care team on assessment and ongoing management options.  

Long COVID Alliance

Medical Provider Resources

Post-Viral Illness & COVID-19

While the following two videos are geared towards medical professionals, patients and their families have found them to be an insightful tool to share with their providers when assessing/managing OI.  


Patient Resources

Long COVID Patient Resources

The following resources are not intended to serve as, or replace, the medical care provided by the healthcare team(s) serving those with Long COVID. 

Post-COVID Resources

Post-COVID Research, Journals, Publications

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