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When many come together, each giving a little, we can do a lot.

There remain many thousands of patients with ME/CFS and FM that do not have access to a qualified and compassionate diagnosis, much less the first-class care they deserve. The Bateman Horne Center is dedicated to

  • the identification and diagnosis of patients
  • bringing well-qualified patients into cutting-edge research
  • the swift advance of progress


That’s why we need your help.

We are committed to doing all we can to make first-class care the standard for those experiencing ME/CFS and FM, not the exception. Through expanded patient education and support, increased efforts to deliver education opportunities to care-providers, and redoubling our innovative and collaborative research, we will make this dream a reality.

The ongoing, consistent support of recurring donors will sustain and fuel our efforts to ensure patients everywhere have an illness journey characterized by swift diagnosis and effective treatments, provided with commitment, compassion, and innovation.

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"I appreciate more each day the fact that BHC knows, understands care and continues to want to do research to find the cause and best treatment for those like me that suffer with ME/CFS and Fibro."

"I most appreciate BHC's fantastic outreach to this neglected patient community."

"I appreciate your commitment to finding answers."

"I deeply appreciate the individualized care my spouse receives; the on-going research and advocating for CFS/ME/SEID patients, the patient and family education and support forums offered; the ever-ongoing research and seeking for causes and practical treatment modalities with the goal of return to functionality and the hope for finding a cure."