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$3.28 Million Awarded for ME/CFS Biomarker Study

Biomarker Study

Bateman Horne Center Leadership are Co-Investigators on this Cutting-Edge Immunogenomic Study to Quantify ME/CFS Moving Toward a Genomic CBC for ME/CFS By Suzanne D Vernon, PhD There are two major barriers to identifying ME/CFS biomarkers: 1) variation in how patients are effected, in terms of symptoms and disease progression and 2) the lack of quantitative tools…

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Precision Medicine for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

Precision Medicine

In this educational seminar, Dr. Suzanne D. Vernon speaks about the Bateman Horne Center’s quest to bring precision medicine to ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. What is precision medicine and why do we need it? Precision medicine is an approach that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person. The goal of precision…

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Composing Progress for ME/CFS and FM

composing me/cfs fm progress

  In music, harmony is when three separate notes that agree with one another come together to create a chord. To make beautiful music, you need to understand more than how to play a single instrument, you must understand and make sense of what other musicians are doing. The music you listen to affects your…

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Tipping Point for ME/CFS FM – Robust Research Underway

me/cfs/fm tipping point

The science of ME/CFS and FM are at a tipping point. The Bateman Horne Center (BHC) is squarely targeted on bringing these diseases to the mainstream and progress is accelerating. Our powerful combination of an active and specialized medical center of excellence with an innovative research program allows us to most effectively focus on the discovery of…

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BHC Screens Forgotten Plague, Hosts Discussion

Forgotten Plague Discussion

In late March, the Bateman Horne Center (BHC) held a screening of The Forgotten Plague: a Documentary of Life with M.E. The showing, presented in collaboration with the Westminster College Pre-Professional Health Society, brought together more than 100 people in attendance. Among them were pre-professional health students, patients, care providers and researchers who stayed after the…

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Uncovering Biomarkers – Fcg receptors in ME/CFS

Uncovering Biomarkers

Uncovering Biomarkers – Is protein dysfunction a risk factor for the development of ME/CFS? The Bateman Horne Center (BHC) is determined to bring ME/CFS and FM into the mainstream by focusing on the discovery of biomarkers. Biomarkers will improve diagnosis and treatment and put us on a pathway to a cure. It is the powerful…

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What’s the Buzz – March

Buzz - January 2017

    Each month we scour the Internet and bring you a list of news articles, blogs and research publications we think you’ll find interesting for our What’s the Buzz post. Occasionally, we’ll highlight and summarize a few of them for you, like these:   On Tuesday, March 8th, NIH held a one hour tele-briefing to answer the community’s questions about…

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Getting Race-Ready!

Lucinda Bateman

“I’ve been a tortoise alongside my patients for 20 years, modeling patience and persistence. Now, while those who are ill must of necessity maintain turtle pace, it is time for researchers and clinicians to pick up the pace as hares, only this time the hare and the tortoise will rewrite the fable’s ending. The hares…

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Tortoise & Hare Reflections

An open letter from Lucinda Bateman MD As many do, I spent some time over the holiday break reflecting on the past year and making new goals for 2016. Although 2015 started out on an emotional high with the release of the IOM report and new clinical diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS, what followed was a period…

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