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Dr. Bateman Summarizes the ME/CFS Clinicians’ Summit

Lucinda Bateman PhotoWhen Dr. Lucinda Bateman attended an ME/CFS research symposium recently, she had no idea of the challenge she would face. At the conclusion of the symposium, Dr. Ron Davis, a leading researcher in the ME/CFS field, challenged her to hold a similar ME/CFS summit for clinicians. Dr. Bateman isn’t one to back down from any kind of challenge, so with the help of BHC staff members and the financial backing of a generous sponsor, the first annual ME/CFS Clinicians’ Summit was held in the BHC Education Center on March 2-3, 2018.

Experts in ME/CFS from all over the country joined Dr. Bateman in discussing clinical care, research ideas, and just about anything else related to ME/CFS. The goals of the two-day discussion were as follows:

  • Lay a foundation for ongoing collaborations
  • Increase clinical knowledge for medical providers
  • Increase clinical knowledge for researchers

The clinicians agreed on two critical needs to advance clinical care and research in the field of ME/CFS:

  • Progress needs to be made toward finding biomarkers, making proper diagnoses, and improving treatment options.
  • Patients need access to trained and interested physicians.

You can view Dr. Bateman’s report on the summit on our YouTube channel.