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How to Participate

Enrollment for InTiME Clinical Trial

BHC is conducting a small interventional trial, to test whether a new drug is effective in improving function and reducing symptoms in ME/CFS patients. The drug has been shown to be safe in a Phase 1 trial in healthy humans. If you are interested in participating in this trial, please fill out the following form:

Advancing Biomarker Research

We are actively recruiting patients and healthy controls who are eager to participate by providing samples and information. This is then used in ME/CFS and FM research to discover biomarkers, improve diagnosis, and advance treatment.

Interested research participants must be willing and able to drive discovery by:

  • participating in a comprehensive clinical evaluation
  • answering questions
  • providing blood samples
  • committing to a yearly visit to the Bateman Horne Center in Salt Lake City, Utah (in the case of a longitudinal study, one visit over a series of 3-5 years.)

This valuable and secure data is in turn shared with top scientists – each working on innovative research – moving us forward on multiple discovery fronts. Your sample, once divided and shared with investigators, allows you to participate in multiple research studies at once.

The Bateman Horne Center provides consultative clinical care and participates in cutting-edge research for ME/CFS and FM.  Please complete this brief survey to help us understand your needs and determine next steps.  Thank you!

how to participate

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Together we see a world where ME/CFS and FM are readily diagnosed, effectively treated and widely met with empathy and understanding.

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Biomarker Research
Research Ready

For questions, our friendly research team is standing by at

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