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Living With a Partner Who Has ME/CFS or FM

Living With a Partner Who Has ME/CFS or FM

a two-part series held in March and April
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Sickness_HealthChronic illness and marriage is a complicated combination. It’s rare to see  or hear a healthy spouse’s perspective on their partner’s disease because it is a topic that can be very difficult - as much for the one speaking as for the one hearing it. With an estimated divorce rate as high as 75% among couples where one has a chronic illness, it is an important topic for discussion and understanding. In each session, the panel will openly and honestly talk about the challenges, hardships, positives, and lessons learned from their perspective as a spouse and care-partner.
Even if you are not married, there are sure to be some take-aways and lessons learned that you can apply to any meaningful relationship in your life. 
  • Part 1: When Your Wife is Ill - held on March 1. Access the recording HERE
  • Part 2: When Your Husband is Ill - held on April 5. Access the recording HERE

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