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Clinical Care

First-Class Care; First-Class Space

first-class care

In our spring campaign we set a goal to raise $300,000 that would allow us to move into a larger facility in order to serve more patients, expand education efforts, and increase research participation. Earlier this month, we announced that we had exceeded our goal by more than 260%, raising more than $1.08 million! Well, the turtles have…

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BHC Screens Forgotten Plague, Hosts Discussion

Forgotten Plague Discussion

In late March, the Bateman Horne Center (BHC) held a screening of The Forgotten Plague: a Documentary of Life with M.E. The showing, presented in collaboration with the Westminster College Pre-Professional Health Society, brought together more than 100 people in attendance. Among them were pre-professional health students, patients, care providers and researchers who stayed after the…

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Remaining Upright: Approach to Orthostatic Intolerance

Orthostatic intolerance

In this educational seminar, Dr. Cortez defines Orthostatic Intolerance and provides an overview of the anatomy involved. She introduces various clinical lab tests and discusses their role in diagnosis then offers several case illustrations from diagnosis to management. She then ends her talk with several conclusions and take home points. Remaining Upright: Approach to Orthostatic…

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Survivor – ME/CFS, FM & Immune Deficiency Edition

‘Ginger’ writes about her journey through sickness, sadness, laughter and joy.  She describes herself as an optimistic, stubborn, pretty determined “ginger” battling the ails of getting sick as a little kid with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia & Immune Deficiency. “I’ve accomplished full remission once, so I know it is possible.” In this blog, she writes about all she’s learned about…

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What’s the Buzz – February

Buzz - January 2017

Each month we scour the Internet and bring you a list of news articles, blogs and research publications we think you’ll find interesting for our What’s the Buzz post. Occasionally, we’ll highlight and summarize a few of them for you, like these:   A new paper co-authored by Drs. Vernon, Deftereos and Persidis at aimed at understanding the “clinical intuition” doctors…

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CDC Public Health Grand Rounds to feature ME/CFS

CDC Public Health Grand Rounds

The Public Health Grand Rounds is a monthly webcast created to foster discussion on major public health issues. Each session focuses on key challenges related to a specific health topic, and explores cutting-edge scientific evidence and potential impact of different interventions. The Grand Rounds sessions also highlight how CDC and its partners are already addressing…

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Guest Blog – Bringing ME/CFS/SEID into Mainstream Medicine

Establishing a Distinct ICD-10 Code by Jon D. Kaiser, MD – CFS researcher, clinician, and patient Dr. Jon Kaiser is a recovered CFS/ME patient, clinician, and researcher who has been caring for people with CFS/ME, AIDS, and cancer for the past twenty-five years. In this guest blog he shares his thoughts on the importance of getting…

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Improving Clinical Care

patient centered research

The Bateman Horne Center, a center of excellence, is leading the way in the medical advancement and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM) through integrated medical research and clinical care. The Bateman Horne Center (BHC) is the only clinic in Salt Lake City providing specialized clinical care for ME/CFS and FM.…

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IOM Report, Making a Difference

On December 2, 2015, Medscape released “The Year in Medicine 2015: News That Made a Difference”. The number 4 top story, out of 31 that made the list, was the Institute of Medicine report on ME/CFS. As a disease that is widely misunderstood, with patients poorly treated and often maligned, this is indeed news that…

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Investing In Future Care Providers

One of the programs at the Bateman Horne Center is the medical internship program. Each year, BHC hosts medical student interns, investing in their educational journey. The goal is to not only provide them hands-on experience but ensure that, as a member of the next generation of caregivers for those with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, they are well…

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