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Support Strategies for the Holidays

Support Strategies for the Holidays image

Marybeth Raynes, a licensed marriage and family therapist spoke at our December Education meeting on supports for the holiday season. She demonstrated how people living with pain, exhaustion, and isolation can craft a meaningful inner-self holiday season with guided imagery and plan strategies for an outer-self holiday with others. Each of us are a collection…

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Chronic Illness: Seeking Quality of Life, Panel Discussion

Linda Milne, Patient Advocate and former BHC Board Member

The Bateman Horne Center hosted a panel of four individuals to discuss: Seeking Quality of Life while Living with a Chronic Illness, in the BHC November Education Series. The panel was comprised of four women in different phases of life who experience various illnesses including ME/CFS and FM. Our volunteer panelists spoke about their views…

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Raising Awareness for ME/CFS in Petaluma, California

Dr. Bateman traveled to Petaluma, California for a ME/CFS benefit concert on October 5, 2019. This benefit concert featuring singer-songwriter, Marian Call, was designed to entertain, inform, and raise awareness for this debilitating disease. Marian Call’s sound is clever and unique, by turns humorous and heartbreaking; the perfect fit for an audience comprised of those…

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Overcoming Barriers to Access Care, Dr. Bateman

Lucinda Bateman, MD, Medical Director

In this month’s education meeting, Lucinda Bateman, MD, presented ways patients and medical providers can overcome barriers to compassionate care. There are four main barriers to compassionate care: ignorance, the nature of the illness, financial constraints, and difficulty visiting the doctor. Barrier One: Ignorance When it comes to helping people with ME/CFS, many medical providers…

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Understanding the Neuroscience of Pain, Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson, PT, DPT, TP

In our April education meeting we were pleased to host Matt Nelson, DPT, an educator, advocate, and expert in handling chronic and complex pain conditions. He described our current neurological understanding of pain, how pain may be decreased by education through physical therapy and, thus improve our ability to cope. What is Pain? When the…

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Improving Quality of Life with Chronic Illness, Dr. Sherlock

Elizabeth Sherlock, PhD

In this month’s education meeting we were pleased to hear from Elizabeth Sherlock, PhD, a clinical psychologist who joined the Bateman Horne Center in 2018. She moderates support groups for patients and caregivers. Doctor Sherlock has a great deal of experience with ME/CFS. Her son had the illness for 20 years and died at the…

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Ongoing Developments at the Bateman Horne Center

Drs Bateman and Vernon Evolution of BHC

BHC as a ME/CFS Center of Excellence A Center of Excellence is a program assembled to supply an exceptionally high concentration of expertise and resources in an area of medicine. The Fatigue Consultation Clinic and OFFER joined forces to establish the Bateman Horne Center, a ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence. The objective is to…

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Coping with Chronic Illness with Pema Chödrön

Pema Chödrön is an American Tibetan Buddhist. Pema has led extensive discussions on working with chronic illness, specifically ME/CFS.  A generous and anonymous donor has secured permission to share this video clip with our community to assist patients with this helpful coping discussion.

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Service Animals for Mobility Support with Chronic Illness

Kelly Rosequist, Service Animals for Mobility Support image

August’s education meeting featured Kelley Rosequist, owner of Dog Training Elite Utah. She provided information on service dogs and specifically on how service dogs can provide mobility support for those with fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and other chronic illnesses. What Makes a Service Animal? Service animals, by definition, are animals that are trained for specific tasks to…

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Removing Uncertainty to Advance ME/CFS Research, Dr. Vernon

Dr. Vernon Removing Uncertainty to Advance ME/CFS

In this month’s education meeting we were delighted to hear from Suzanne Vernon, PhD, research director at the Bateman Horne Center. She has raised millions of dollars for ME/CFS research resulting in over 85 published papers. Dr. Vernon presented the two-pronged approach that the Bateman Horne Center is using to accelerate the state of ME/CFS…

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