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Posts by Cole Price

Dr. Bateman Summarizes the ME/CFS Clinicians’ Summit

Lucinda Bateman Photo

When Dr. Lucinda Bateman attended an ME/CFS research symposium recently, she had no idea of the challenge she would face. At the conclusion of the symposium, Dr. Ron Davis, a leading researcher in the ME/CFS field, challenged her to hold a similar ME/CFS summit for clinicians. Dr. Bateman isn’t one to back down from any…

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“Unrest” Panel Discussion

Jen Brea’s movie, Unrest, is bringing attention to the struggles that people with ME/CFS face. This award-winning film is available on Netflix, Amazon, and your local PBS station, and if you haven’t seen it yet, block out some time to take a look. Jen turns an unflinching camera on her life and the lives of…

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Pass or Fail? A Young Patient’s Perspective

Written by Brooklyn Ingram, a young person with ME/CFS, this blog post describes her refusal to be defined by a disease. Read more of her blog Future Dead Person here. We live in a culture that demands clearly defined roles for every individual. I see these roles in my own life, and I hope you see them…

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